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Trucks & Apparatus

Quint 1

2013 Sutphen 75 foot Quint built by Sutphen Towers. It is our first our truck to all reported structure fires and alarms in our coverage area. It has 450 horsepower, a 1500 gpm pump, 500 US gallon poly tank, Foam pro system, 40 gallon class A Foam tank and a 15 gallon Class B Foam tank. It has a built in 8 Kilowatt generator, 650 feet of 5″ supply hose, 750 feet of 1 3/4″ attack line and 300 feet of 2 1/2″ attack line. It also carries all equipments needed for ventilation. It has seating for 6 firefighters with 5 seats equipped with SCBA’s.

Pumper 3

This is our first out pumper to calls that responds with a minimum of 4 firefighters and is first out to all mutual aid calls. Pumper 3 is a 2005 International with a 4 door cab with 310 horsepower and was built by Allain Equipment. It has a 1500 gpm hale pump 1000 gallon poly tank, Foam pro system with two 15 gallon foam tanks (Class A & Class B). The truck has a 1500 gallon portatank, 1000 feet of 1 3/4 attack line, and 900 feet of 5″ high volume. There are 4 SCBA’s mounted in the seats.

Pumper 2

This is our first out Pumper to MVA’s and third out truck to fires. It is a 2000 Freightliner, 4 door Cab with 300 horsepower and it was built by Metal Fab. It has a 1050 gpm hale pump, 1000 gallon poly tank, foam pro system with two 15 gallon foam tanks (Class A & Class B). The truck has a 1500 gallon portatank, 1000 feet of 1 3/4 attack line and 650 feet of 5″ supply line. It also carries a complete set of holmatro rescue tools and rescue jacks.

Fire Rescue

Our Fire Rescue was built on a 3 ton International chassis and it was built by Allain Equipment. It responds with Pumper 2 to all calls as it carries the jaws of life, air bags, rescue jacks, 2 portable pump and 25 extra SCBA Bottles. It has a built in 6500 watt generator, four 500 watt quartz lights and it also has 6 SCBA air bottles mounted in the rear for easy donning.

Truck 1 and Water Rescue Trailer

2005 – 4×4 Dodge Ram with a 5.7 litre engine, four door cab capable of hauling 5 firefighters. A back rack was installed on this truck and all emergency lights are mounted on it. This vehicle is equipped with LED emergency lighting, two spot lights one on either side and a directional bar for traffic control. This vehicle was bought mainly to haul our water rescue trailer but is used for several things. It is used to transport equipment around at major fires, can be used as a blocker at MVA’s, and used as transportation to other fire related duties as required.

Water Rescue Trailer – 2008 24″ Tandom Trailer. This trailer is fully walk in and has ramp doors in rear and side. It is equipped with emergency lighting on sides and rear. It hauls our 14″ Zodiac on a trailer and a six wheeled Argo as well as all the equipment required for water rescue. Life Jackets, Ice Commander Suits, ropes, backboards etc. are all hung on the sides of the trailer for easy access. The trailer was purchased with the help of Kiwanis Club and EJ Cunningham Ltd., a local business.


This is our newest addition, a 2013 8 wheeled Argo. It is used for off road rescues to transport man power and equipment at large forest fires and grass fires. It can be used to gain access to homes during a flood and is also equipped with a stretcher mount to transport patients.



If you have an emergency please dial 911.

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